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64 oz46 oz32 oz25 oz Aseptic Carton

Leahy's SIG carton with a labelLeahy's SIG carton with full sleeve

Plant Based Product, Plant Based Package

Our aseptic carton and filling technology is the best options for Foodservice operators and increasingly, retailers and e-commerce. We offer the advantages of SIG® Combibloc® carton filling technology with size flexibility ranging from 25oz all the way to 64 oz with several options in between. Our light, environmentally-friendly approach offers many benefits, from a reduced carbon footprint to preservative-free filling and no refrigeration required shelf stability.  With demand for aseptic cartons rising in both the consumer and food service segments, we provide the solutions that consumers are demanding.

  • When applicable, cartons offer a variety of cap sizes
  • Cartons can be individually labeled or printed with a full sleeve design
  • Aseptic cartons can be recycled where recycling is available
  • Shelf-stable, meaning products don’t need to be refrigerated prior to opening

Food for thought: the advantages of our SIG aseptic carton


  • All SIG Combibloc carton packs are recyclable
  • Recycled cartons are a valuable resource for new products

Resource efficient

  • Saving of fossil resources along the product life cycle
    due to optimized material use / carton design

Renewable resources

  • Approx. 75% bio-based content (wood fibres)
  • Only wood from controlled and acceptable sources

Small carbon footprint

  • Outstanding CO2 performance as proven by several LCA’s
  • Paper board production with 70%-90% renewable energy


  • Optimized use of raw material
  • Only 28g protect 1000g content with long shelf life

Transport & storage efficient

  • Optimized pallet/cube utilization
  • Optimized shelf efficiency

Ambient advantages

  • Energy savings as no cooling is necessary
  • Minimized food spoilage due to long shelf live

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