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Who We Serve.

With our diverse range of products and services, we support all business types in the commerical and non-commercial Food & Beverage industry. 


Food Service Operators

We work closely with you to provide a turnkey program that ensures our products meet your needs. From idea to commercialization, our team of sales professionals, product development specialists, and supply chain managers maintain one primary goal: to develop, create and supply you with products and custom solutions aligned with your growth strategies. Our seasoned manufacturing operations and global supply chain ensure the continued availability of the products you have come to trust.


Food Service Distributors

The foodservice marketplace continues to evolve at a rapid pace, but primary needs remain constant: a fair price, consistent service and expert support to help drive profits. By aligning category insights with proper training and mutually developed business plans, we provide a complete suite of products and programs that create growth for our distributor partners. Our category management initiatives are driven by our sales and marketing program, V-Force, which is supported by our sales professionals and broker partners.


Private Label Co-Packing

Whether you are looking for co-packing or new product development services, we offer brand owners the industry insights, capabilities and manufacturing capacity to successfully bring your ideas to life. We provide a turnkey solution specific to the needs of each individual brand owner. From strict tolling services to comprehensive product development (like our revolutionary bag-in-box design), supply chain management and sourcing, Leahy-IFP delivers a full suite of contract services to support your brand initiatives.

What We Offer.

Leahy-IFP offers a large selection of branded and private label food and beverage products. To compliment our co-packing capabilites, we provide top of the line innovation through our Research & Development services. 


Product Innovation

Creating new ideas based on consumer demand is at the core of our product development process. From the bench to the shelf is a long journey, and we are with you every step of the way. Our team of food scientists, product development specialists, and marketing managers works closely with our partners from idea to commercialization... all the way to launch. We explore all aspects of research, including industry and consumer trends, product uses and applications, emerging flavors, menu applications and market alignment. As we guide you through this process, you can trust Leahy will bring your ideas to life.


Manufacturing Capabilities


Our manufacturing solutions range from high-acid aseptic beverages to the highest quality fruit available in a variety of sizes and formats. We provide our partners with unparalleled access to state-of-the-art equipment and capabilities. Our wide range of formats, sizes and eco-friendly options are perfectly aligned to meet the needs of our partners.


Manufacturing Capabilities


National Manufacturing Footprint
Leahy’s partners rely on timely, cost-effective supply chain solutions to bring their products to market on-time and within budget. With manufacturing facilities located in both the West Coast and Midwest, we provide our partners with logistical optimization that provides significant competitive advantages.

Logistics and Sourcing
We maintain ambient, refrigerated and frozen warehousing facilities at key distribution points across North America. This extensive supply chain network coupled with our experience and expertise in global sourcing enables our partners to efficiently manufacture, ship and store regardless of product needs.

Quality Assurance Quality assurance is our #1 concern. For over 50 years, our dedication to maintaining safe and healthy practices within our manufacturing facilities is evident in our continuous improvement programs and ongoing educational initiatives.
Leahy’s food scientists, technicians and quality control specialists are required to possess and impart expert knowledge for our customers’ current and future projects. We understand our role is to provide solutions that facilitate success... and that starts and ends with quality.

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Corporate Sustainability.

Environmental: issues are "top-of-mind" at Leahy. Our desire to provide environmentally-friendly packaging solutions are evident in our investment in today’s leading technologies and equipment. More than just lowering our own carbon footprint, we believe a new era of environmentally responsible packaging solutions are needed today and in future generations to come.

Corporate Citizenship: Strength comes from within and often starts at home. Leahy-IFP believes in providing an organizational structure that encourages and supports our employees’ ability to be the best they can be. From continuing education, to goal-driven paths for growth, to diversified and unbiased hiring practices – Leahy-IFP provides the environment our employees need to flourish personally and professionally.

Charitable Giving: Leahy-IFP proudly supports many of the organizations that selflessly provide critical services for those in need. From global and local charities to scholarship funds and educational institutions, Leahy-IFP recognizes the impact of giving and will continue our philanthropic activities in an effort to create a better common ground for all.

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